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Hospice Care at Home in Rolling Meadows & the Surrounding Areas

In-Home Hospice Care So Your Loved Ones Can Live Their Final Days with Dignity

At Assisting Hands Home Care in Rolling Meadows, IL, we offer both part-time and full-time hospice care services to individuals who have limited life expectancy.

We employ experienced caregivers who will assist terminally ill patients to help keep them comfortable and help any family caregivers who are also providing care.

Finding out that a loved one has limited life expectancy, or a terminal illness like cancer is difficult to handle and accept, and it can be stressful for the affected individual and his/her family.

If a well-developed plan hasn’t been created to address what should be done in such a situation, families may struggle to coordinate care and handle end-of-life affairs for their loved one.

With our hospice care services, Assisting Hands Rolling Meadows can help handle the care of your loved one while you spend time with them and help get their end-of-life affairs in order. If your loved one has long term care insurance, this can help pay for our hospice care.

What is End-of-Life Care?

Hospice care is care for individuals who have a terminal illness or have been diagnosed with limited life expectancy. At Assisting Hands Rolling Meadows, we provide hospice care services to assist such individuals to make sure they can live their last days with dignity.

Usually, terminally ill patients want to be at home during their final days with friends and family as opposed to the unfamiliar environment within an assisted living facility. This, however, can be stressful for family caregivers, but this is where we can help.

Assisting Hands employs well trained caregivers who will help create and follow a customized care plan that addresses the needs of your loved ones, ensuring their comfort. Additionally, these services will help lessen any burdens that you and your family have, letting you all spend time with your loved one and take care of other affairs.

The purpose of our home health care services is to guarantee that the clients we work with are able to comfortably age within their homes and have the help they need. The same goes for our hospice care services; we make sure your loved ones are comfortable and will be able to peacefully pass at home.

We employ skilled caregivers who have undergone the training necessary to provide the quality, compassionate hospice care your loved one needs, and your family can rely on.

Hospice Care at Home from Assisting Hands — How We Can Help

When you contact Assisting Hands Home Care for the hospice care services we offer in Cook County, we will create a care plan personalized for the client, working with you and your loved ones to develop it. Our caregivers are not medical professionals but can still help with non-medical activities to make sure your loved one is properly cared for. Within our hospice home care services, the following can be expected:

  • Personal hygiene help: bathing, bathroom use, getting dressed
  • Light housekeeping help: laundry, dusting, and more
  • Reminders for medication
  • Preparing daily meals
  • One-on-one care

If you have a family member or other relative who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness or limited life expectancy, contact Assisting Hands Rolling Meadows to learn more about how our hospice care services can be of help to you and your loved one. We will provide your loved one with a quality caregiver who will compassionately care for them, doing whatever necessary to make sure they pass peacefully and with dignity.

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