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24-Hour Home Care in Elk Grove Village, IL

At Assisting Hands Home Care, we provide live-in and round-the-clock home care solutions for elderly individuals and adults with disabilities in Elk Grove Village, IL. Our dedicated caregivers remain on hand 24/7 to deliver the personalized attention and support your family members require at any hour.

Many seniors of the current generation are expressing a desire to age in the comfort of their own homes rather than move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. When your elderly loved ones choose to stay at home, it's critical to make sure they receive the necessary support to live securely. Depending on their individual needs, the level of necessary care may vary, with some requiring constant attention.

Non-Medical Home Health Care

Offering reliable live-in and 24-hour care services, Assisting Hands Home Care is committed to aiding your senior family members and disabled adults in Elk Grove Village, IL, who need consistent care and supervision. Our caregivers are trained to fulfill the unique personal care requirements of your loved ones while also helping with certain household chores. The presence of a full-time caregiver provides considerable peace of mind for both the person being cared for and their families.

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Live-in Caregivers

Opting for live-in care ensures that your loved one receives consistent, day-to-day care from a caregiver who stays in the home for shifts lasting 3-4 days. After each shift, another caregiver takes over. Our live-in caregivers are ready to assist your loved one with daily activities, providing personal care alongside other duties such as preparing meals, performing light housekeeping, and providing transportation.

From morning routines — assisting with getting up, using the restroom, dressing, grooming, and ensuring medication and breakfast are taken care of — to being present for support throughout the day and preparing your loved ones for bed come evening, our caregivers are there for every step.

Live-in Caregivers

Preparing for a Live-In Caregiver

When you opt for a live-in caregiver, it’s important that you accommodate the caregiver appropriately. This includes providing a private area to rest and store their belongings, ensuring they can obtain at least 5 hours of sustained sleep every night. Our caregiver will set up the space for the next caregiver when the time comes.

24-Hour Home Care

For those in need of constant, vigilant care, our 24-hour home care services are the better fit. This service involves multiple caregivers rotating shifts, ensuring someone is always alert and ready to attend to your loved one’s needs. Since these caregivers don’t live on the premises, there’s no need to provide a private space for them in the home.

This form of care is ideal for those with acute illnesses or chronic conditions that necessitate day-and-night supervision and support.

Our 24-hour care service is ideal for seniors and individuals who need vigilant, non-stop care. This option involves multiple caregivers working in shifts every 8-12 hours, ensuring someone is always actively present and alert in the home to offer care and assistance. Our 24-hour caregivers don’t live in the home, so there’s no need for private accommodations.

Consider our 24-hour care solutions if you have seniors dealing with significant health conditions or chronic diseases that necessitate round-the-clock supervision.

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Home Care Services in Elk Grove Village, IL


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We don’t provide just any caregiver but send someone who is engaged, compassionate, and caring. Your loved one’s comfort, safety, and wellbeing are our top priorities.

Certified Hourly Caregivers

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Shouldering the responsibility of 24/7 care for a family member can be overwhelming. Assisting Hands Home Care and our certified caregivers can significantly alleviate this burden. Our professionals are thoroughly vetted, licensed, bonded, and trained after hiring. Rest assured that our team always provides the best possible care for your loved ones.

For a closer look at how our live-in and 24-hour care services can cater to the specific needs of your family members, contact Assisting Hands Home Care for a home care evaluation.

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