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Veterans Home Care Services in Illinois | FAQ

VA Home Care from Assisting Hands

There are around 8 million people in the U.S. who are veterans of the armed forces and over the age of 65.  Many of these veterans and their spouses may need some form of care, whether they require home care to help with certain activities, temporary care, or long-term care.  Veterans and the spouses of veterans who are eligible to receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can put some of their benefits towards the cost of care, including home care.

At Assisting Hands Home Care in Schaumburg, IL, we are proud to help veterans and their spouses as an approved home care provider for the VA.  We offer home care services for veterans through our VA Home Health Aide (HHA) and VA Respite programs to ensure that those who served our country and qualify for VA benefits get the best possible home care to ensure their comfort and well-being.

In order to qualify for VA home care, those who are eligible must apply for and receive benefits through the VA that can be put towards home care.  If you or a loved one may be eligible or already receives VA benefits and is in need of home care, the following frequently asked questions will help you get a better understanding of the process and the home care provided with VA benefits.

VA home care services - Assisting Hands Home Care

Veterans Care FAQ

What types of care do VA benefits cover?

VA benefits can cover a range of care services for eligible veterans and their spouses. The long-term care services covered by these benefits include the following:

  • Care that includes help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, medication reminders, etc.
  • Help with activities around the home such as meal preparation and light housekeeping.
  • 24/7 medical and nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Comfort care and pain management
  • Respite care for veterans receiving care from an informal caregiver or loved one

Eligible veterans and their spouses can receive care in the following settings:

  • Their homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Adult daycare centers


How do I receive VA benefits?

If you are a veteran of the armed forces or the spouse of a veteran, you must apply for Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  A&A benefits are available specifically to help veterans cover the cost of the care they need.  To be eligible to receive A&A benefits, veterans and spouses must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 65 years old or older
  • Must have served at least 90 days of active duty, including one day during wartime, with an honorable discharge
  • Must be a widow or widower of a veteran that meets the above criteria
  • Must need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Must have less than $123,600 in assets, excluding homes, vehicles, and personal property
  • Must have a monthly income of less than $3000 for couples, $2600 for single veterans, and $2000 for surviving spouses

The application process may take months to complete and those applying for benefits will not be able to use them during the processing period.  Once the application is approved, applicants will receive retroactive benefits going back to their application date in one lump sum, and then start receiving their regular monthly payments.

Once a veteran or the spouse of a veteran starts receiving VA benefits, the VA can hold an audit at any time to ensure that those receiving benefits continue to meet the eligibility criteria.  Those who receive VA benefits may also be required to provide documentation to prove their continued eligibility.


What is the cost of in-home care?

The average cost of in-home care differs by geographic location and cost of living in a specific area and is also determined by the type of care needed.  The average starting rate for home care in Illinois is $20.74 per hour compared to a national average of $20.85, and the average max rate is $28.35 per hour for Illinois with a national average of $36.82.

With these averages, the weekly cost of home care in Illinois at the starting rate at 40 hours per week is $829.60 with a monthly cost of $2696.20 for 130 hours.


How can I use my Aid & Attendance benefits to pay for home care?

The Aid & Attendance benefit is a tax-free pension that eligible veterans and spouses of veterans can use towards the cost of their home care.  Those who are eligible will receive the following benefits:

  • Surviving spouse: $1,478 Monthly/ $17,743 Annually
  • Single veteran: $2,300 Monthly/ $27,609 Annually
  • Married veteran: $2,727 Monthly/ $32,729 Annually
  • Two married vets: $3,649 Monthly/ $43,791 Annually

The benefits received can be used to pay for home care providers, including family members who work as caregivers, independent caregivers, and caregivers from a home care agency.


What type of home care is covered by Aid & Attendance benefits?

Veterans and spouses of veterans who receive Aid and Attendance benefits can use these benefits to help pay for a wide range of home care programs that include the following:

  • Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC): The Home-Based Primary Care program allows veterans and their spouses to receive routine health care in their homes if they have a medical condition that prevents them from traveling to appointments. With this program, medical professionals can provide nursing, medication management, mental health care, and physical rehabilitation in the veteran’s home.
  • Home Hospice Care: Home Hospice Care is for veterans and spouses who have a terminal illness or limited life expectancy. With this program, an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals provides care that helps keep those in their care as comfortable and pain-free as possible.
  • Homemaker and Home Health Aides: The Homemaker and Home Health Aide program helps veterans and spouses who need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and eating as well as household tasks including meal preparation, light housekeeping, and assistance with transportation and errands.
  • Home Telehealth: The Home Telehealth program connects veterans and spouses with healthcare providers using technology such as video conferencing on smartphones and computers.
  • Remote Monitoring Care: Remote monitoring involves the use of technology that allows a physician or nurse to remotely monitor the medical condition of veterans and spouses.
  • Respite Care: There are many seniors, including veterans and their spouses, who receive care from a family caregiver. Family caregivers are informal caregivers who often volunteer to care for a loved one and they devote much of their time and energy to providing care, leaving little time for themselves.  With the Respite Care program, veterans and spouses can get up to 30 days of respite care per year as well as respite care if the family caregiver is hospitalized or has an emergency forcing them to leave.  Giving the family caregiver time away from caregiving allows them to tend to their own health and personal matters and return to caregiving well rested.
  • Skilled Home Care: The Skilled Home Care program allows veterans and spouses to receive skilled care from a medical professional that visits them at home. Those in this program can receive basic nursing care as well as occupational, physical, and speech therapy.  Only homebound veterans and spouses who have difficulty traveling to and from appointments are eligible for this program.


What VA home care services does Assisting Hands Home Care provide?

Veterans Home Care Services in Illinois

At Assisting Hands Home Care, we offer the following home care services for veterans and spouses of veterans who are eligible to receive VA benefits:

  • VA Home Health Aide (HHA)/ Home Health Program: This program covers personal care and assistance for up to 12 hours per week for eligible veterans and spouses of veterans. Personal care provided under this program includes help with activities of daily living such as personal care and grooming and help with tasks around the house.
  • VA Respite Program: This program provides respite care for eligible veterans and spouses who receive care from a family caregiver. We will send a licensed caregiver to take over providing care while the family caregiver takes some time off.


What criteria must eligible veterans and spouses meet to qualify for VA Home Care and Respite Care from Assisting Hands?

For veterans and spouses to qualify for our VA home care and respite care services, they must undergo a comprehensive assessment for geriatric extended care (GEC) conducted by an interdisciplinary panel that includes a social worker, registered nurse, and medical doctor.  They must also have a need for help with three or more activities of daily living or show significant cognitive impairment.


Can eligible veterans with a disability or chronic health condition receive home care?

The care options available to veterans and spouses of veterans allow them to receive care at home that helps them manage their disability or chronic condition.  The home-based primary care program, home health aide (HHA)/ home health program, skilled home care, and respite care programs can provide the personal care and assistance needed for those with disabilities and chronic conditions who prefer to receive care at home.

The nature of the care services received will depend on the specific needs of each individual.


VA Home Care from Assisting Hands

If you or a loved one is eligible for VA Aid and Attendance benefits and is in need of home care in the Schaumburg, IL area, Assisting Hands Home Care provides VA home care and respite care services.  We are an approved home care provider for the VA which means that veterans and spouses of veterans who receive VA benefits can use these benefits to help cover the cost of our VA home care and respite care.


VA Home Care from Assisting Hands

Veterans can expect quality, compassionate care from our licensed caregivers.  We work with each client to understand their unique care needs so we can form an effective care plan to cover their needs.  To learn more about how you or a loved one can use their VA benefits for our home care and respite care services, call us at (224) 258-0736.